When I first spoke to this potential customer, she mentioned that her husband had planned to paint their home the previous summer before he was shipped off (military) – but ran out of time. They purchased paint at a big box store and it sat in their garage all winter long. Initially, I told her that I’d probably be unable to do any painting for her because I wouldn’t be able to stand by my warranty using their paint (especially considering it had likely frozen several times during the winter). I offered to assist her in any way I could for free – but she told me a few weeks later that she really wanted me to paint her home. I told her I’d be glad to give her a bid, provided we could use paint that I specify.  I gave her the best advice I could to help her sell the paint she purchased 6 months prior, and we scheduled the work to be done in the hopes that I’d be able to complete the job before her husband got back home at the beginning of May. Due to an extremely wet April, the project was completed 2 days after her husband got home, but I’m sure it was just a relief to know it was one less thing he had to do after a long period away from his family serving our country.


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