The siding on this home was heavily oxidized and very chalky, and the oxidation needed to be removed before applying any primer or paint, so that was the first step when I began the preparation for the siding. Before doing that, I stripped and cleaned all of the soffets around the home as well as the garage and front doors. Then I sanded the doors thoroughly and stained both the doors and soffets after the painting was done. When the project was finished, the owners were so grateful and generous that they handed me a thank you card with a cash tipĀ (pictured) along with a gift card to Portland City Grill. Truly great people!


“Troy did a fantastic job. His attention to detail would be difficult to match. He would come to work in the morning and stay until sundown. Troy works on his own so he takes a little longer to get the job done than most companies, but if there is a problem you know exactly who to speak to. He is meticulous. His prep work was fabulous. He stripped down my front door and garage door and refinished them with a product he doesn’t normally use. This took far longer than he anticipated. He finished it and didn’t ask for one cent more. We were considering replacing both doors due to the condition of the finish. When Troy was done they both looked nearly new. That saved us a significant amount of money. Troy’s bid was very detailed. It was one of the biggest reasons I chose to work with him. There was no guessing what was included. Ultimately, I would not hesitate to hire Troy again. All the references I contacted before hiring him mirrored what I’m saying about Troy’s work. I actually tipped him when he was done. I can’t think of a single contractor I’ve worked with in the past whom I’ve felt deserved a tip.”

– Rigwald (home owner)


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