The challenge: strip failing paint on a 125 year-old home with cedar split-shake siding. This type of siding cannot be scraped like others and cannot be sanded without destroying the profile. I kept a portable bench grinder within arm’s reach and fashioned a handful of custom scrapers to remove the old paint. Scrapers were sharpened anywhere from 3-6 times each day. Because I’m certified as a Licensed Lead Based Paint Renovator, I understand the complexities and responsibilities involved in containing 100% of all loose paint and dust. It was one of the most painstaking labors of love, and the customers and I were thrilled with the results.


“Before the painting even started there were weeks of meticulous preparation to remove and contain the many layers of old failing paint. During that time we proposed our chosen paint colors to the contractor. He was very diplomatic about the whole thing but gave us some reasons why we might not appreciate those colors in the long run. With his input, we chose a wonderful color pallet that we are extremely happy with.

The contractor refused to paint on some days, delaying his very busy schedule, to make sure that the weather conditions were just right to make sure that the paint job was long-lasting and as good as it could be. The contractor explained at one point that our siding and existing remaining paint could benefit from a different type (and higher cost) primer that he had originally specified. He offered to pay the extra cost out of his pocket but we refused to let him do that. We felt like we were getting a tremendous value for the price that we paid.

At the end of the long job, the contractor cleaned up very well and asked us to look the job over and point out any areas that we saw for touch-up. There were very few…. Concurrently, we were having part of the interior of the house painted by a different painter that was hired by our general contractor. The job was expensive and not well done. The surfaces were not prepped properly and the cut-in lines are a mess. We have since contracted with Stelzer painting to come back and repaint the interior. We know his job will be as wonderful as was done on the outside of the house.”

– Kevin P. (home owner)


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